Monday, December 11, 2006

Who am I and What Am I Doing?

Hi. My name is Allen Stewart, and I am a car enthusiast. Sounds much like an AA meeting introduction, and in some respects, it should. I am 25 years old, married with no children as of yet. I work at a place called Peterson Fluid Systems in Denver, Colorado. We build dry-sump oil systems for high performance motors and many other things motorsports related. I run the assembly department there and basically build race car parts all day. Not a bad gig! I've also been a service advisor, a general maintence tech, a detailer, and various other jobs involving cars.

I have been around cars since I was a young sprite. My grandfather has multiple street rods and classic cars of all kinds. Cars have been a large part of his life, and I think that passion transferred to me through all the time we spent together. I really didn't get into performance until I was about 17 years old and took a trip to Bandimere Speedway here outside of Denver. The track is a nationally recognized 1/4 mile drag track and I was there for a "test and tune" night where just about anyone can bring their car and run it down the strip. I was there with some friends of mine and saw a few guys in AWD DSM's making some really fast passes. From then on I was hooked. I bought my first turbo AWD car when I was 18 and have never looked back.

Since then I have owned 4 DSM's, 2 WRX's, A turbo Laser, and a whole bunch of other cars. Right now I'm at 6 vehicles which is doing pretty well for me. We are about to buy another one for my wife. I buy them, build them, and sell them more often then some people change underwear.

I decided to start this blog because I wanted to document one of the build-ups that I do and be able to share some of my experiences with anyone who cares. We purchased a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT sedan in February of 2006 from a small dealer on Broadway here in Denver. It had only 3000 miles on the odometer, and we got a fairly good deal on it. The car was originally purchased for my wife. We traded her Tacoma in on it because she wanted to go back to a car. Looking back we should have kept the truck; you never realize how much you use one until its gone. She wanted a Legacy because of the looks and I wanted the turbo model because, well that's just the way I am.

She has been driving it for the past 8 months and loves the car. I haven't done anything to it, mainly because I was wrapped up in other projects, but now we need something that can tow and she wants to be back in an SUV again. I jumped at the opportunity to take over the Legacy and start transforming it into the beast of a car it is capable of.

In the next month or two we will get her a Durango and I will begin work on the Legacy.

Stay Tuned!

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